Training Tips for Consultants

How to start a consultant with 6 parties everytime and have them on the road to success!

 Adapt to their circumstances to their individual needs.

Show them that you believe in them.

Teach that bookings need to come from those in your program already - no bookings, no business.

Follow the basic steps when signing up a new team member but add your personality.

Aim for a 100% activation rate - minimum $400 retails within 28 days of joining.

Start within a week of getting their kit - keep them excited.

When can they do parties? Sit down with them and their diary.

Start with 6 or more parties - essential for making money straight away.

1st week – training parties.

Establish a business feeling straight away.

Friday night and satudays are most successful party days.

Hold parties close together – excitement, practice, courage, creates momentum.

Attend a minimum of 3 training parties - see what others do and adapt to their own personality.

Teach that they are never partying alone. Let your consultant know they can call you any time.

By the book - follow the party prompt notes, makes their initial parties less scary.

Retraining after 6 weeks – adapt your training to meet their needs. Are they having trouble booking etc.

6 in 2 weeks when starting - again this will create momentum in their business. If they are successful straightaway they are more likely to stick to it.

Have their parties in your diary - so you can call and wish them luck. Again call after party - how did they go, what would they do different, did they meet any sparkles.

Cultivate a team spirit

Constant contact with all consultants - they want to know that you are there for them. Allows you to adapt to their changing needs.

Ring their first hostesses to thank them for their support.


Know her goals – why? Vital for more than 6 parties, attach to ring in sheet. Break them down, how many parties needed, how many a week.

If you can book you can sponsor.

Two bookings a party is a must - for their host to get maximum gifts and for them the grow their business.

Ring in sheet for everyone; must do, goals getting closer. Helps you to track their success and adapt your training to meet their needs.

When goals are reached reward them at training.

Be in control.

Be goal orientated.

Tell them to be themselves.

How did I feel? What did I have to learn?

ALWAYS ASK YES QUESTIONS; don’t say would you like to have a party; say have you thought of having a party yourself? 


10 tips to create a smooth running office

Conduct a Self Assessment of Your Own Goals & Abilities

Understand your own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Understand what hours and life style you would like to create

Understand your personal energy cycle-e.g. Prime time for concentration

Conduct an Assessment of your current office situation

Make a list of what you do now why you do it and how long does it take you

Draw up your tasks by daily, weekly, monthly, yearly - give a rating A,B,C

Design a Office System that suits YOU

Get a new management diary - one that works for YOU e.g. clip pages

Develop Home Office rules and regulations e.g. Do Not Disturb sign

Change boring jobs into enjoyable tasks e.g. put on some mood music

Develop emergency plans - develop a mobile office e.g. spare briefcase

Keep Your Office Simple

Clear out the clutter!

Rearrange your office - everything in reach, plenty of shelving

Get the right tools for the office - white board, new files, mail trays

Create a pleasant office environment - look at the color, mood etc.

In and Out Office flow

Design your office in a circular work flow from door to desk

Develop multi level trays for INWARDS mail, holding files, must read etc.

Develop multi level trays for OUTWARDS mail/faxes, filing etc.

Self Management

Get rid of bad habits - YOU must decide to change them

Be organized - develop systems that work for YOU

Use YOUR time in the most cost effective and efficient way

Time Management

Don't procrastinate - attack the worst or hardest jobs first

Control your phone calls, visitors, your appointments

Learn to use your Fax or Email so it saves you time and money

Schedule your time - make an appointment with yourself

Managing Information

Control the flow of information e.g. Cancel unnecessary mail

Bin all the junk mail immediately; don't hoard it for later

Don't try and read everything - learn how to file it

Try to handle the one piece of paper - only once

Managing YOUR filing system

Create your own business reference library e.g. cut out the articles

Use the file shape and type that suits e.g. arch files, box files etc.

Keep all your financial records separate and store annually

Pulling it all together

YOU must make yourself stick to your plans and system - self discipline!

Monitor your new methods & habits - keep, change or discontinue them

Listen to Time Management Audiotapes while driving in the car

Continual improvement for the running of a 'stress free' smooth office. 


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