Some Unique Ways to Party!

Sip and Soak

Guests bring along a bucket to soak their feet in, aroma oils are added and they soak their feet and at the same time have a glass of wine or a coffee. Different blends can be used to help create the mood that you desire. As an added extra we can all have a luxurious foot massage simply by also adding some marbles to the bottom of the bucket for the guests to rub their feet on.

Why not pamper your friends while I pamper you?

Sexy Legs!

Guests bring a bucket and towel. They soak their feet and relaxing while using our Smoothing Body Exfoliator. They will then be able to experience our amazing layering products on their legs. They will leave the rendezvous with stunning soft skin that smells amazing.


Walking on Air

This rendezvous is all about your feet. Have a relaxing foot massage using diffeent blends of aromatherapy oils for our hard working feet. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Pamper Party

This can be combine with perfume, aromatherapy or skincare rendezvous and allows your guests to pamper themselves with a hand and foot exfoliation and then a skin treatment releveant to the range being displayed.

Romance, Is it dead?

Experience our amazing aromatherapy oils. Set the mood, get the attitude right and make ups some sensuous blends for a night with that special person in your life.....Who knows what might happen!


Anti Aging. Who wants to get old?

Learn about our skincare range and experience a complete facial in the comfort of your own home. You will be the envy of all your friends!

A Day at the Spa

Be treated to the luxuries of a day spa in t eprivacy of your own home! Lay back and relax with friends while I spoil you using our body exfoliator and facial masque. Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and you experiencing a sense of deep relaxation.

Massage Party

This can be lots of fun! Get your guests to wear loose clothes, bring a towel and we will do a hand, neck or back massage using our aromatherapyoils. Unfortunately I cannot not provide the handsome hunk!!

Pyjama Party!!

Picture me in fluffy pink slippers and tweety bird pyjamas! Before you start laughing this is what I wore to the last Aromatherapy Pyjama Party that I held. Invite your guests to come along learn about some wonderful winter oil blends for coughs and colds to name a few. All in the comfort of their favourite pj's. All the while enjoying a hearty winter soup and crusty bread or hot chocolate and bikkies.

Has to be seen to be believed!!

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